Discovering the Unknown: 10 Places to Visit in Kazakhstan

Nearby the borders of the boundless steppes where the one time wandering Kazakh people – still famous for their horse talents and exceptional equestrian sports – used to stray, Kazakhstan offers an assortment of astonishing escapades. 

You may check out these things and places while at Kazakhstan.

Almaty is the former capital of Kazakhstan, located in Almaty Province. During 1000–900 BC in the Bronze Age the first farmers and cattle-breeders established settlements on the territory of Almaty. Almaty is in the top 50 most expensive cities worldwide. Although Almaty dropped from 30th place in 2007 to 44th in 2008, it's still more expensive than Toronto, Los Angeles or Hamburg. Kazakhstan English Language Theater, Ave. Abay 2, Started in 2001, the Kazakhstan English Language Theater (KELT) is the only English language theater in former Soviet Central Asia.

Turkestan is a historical region of west-central Asia extending east from the Caspian Sea into western China and south from the Aral Sea into Afghanistan. It has long been a crossroads for trade and conquest between East and West. The history of Turkestan dates back to the third millennium BC. Many artifacts were produced in that period, and much trade was conducted. The region was a focal point for cultural diffusion, as the Silk Road traversed it. Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. is an unfinished mausoleum in the city of Turkestan, in southern Kazakhstan. The structure was commissioned in 1389 by Timur, who ruled the area as part of the expansive Mongol Empire.

Astana a city and town with a medium population in the country of Kazakhstan which is located in the continent/region of Asia. During the Russian and Soviet eras, a unit of Siberian cossacks from Omsk founded a huge fortress on the upper Ishim in 1824, which later became the town of "Akmolinsk". It is now the capital and second largest city (after Almaty) of Kazakhstan, with an officially estimated population of 708,794 as of 1 August 2010. Baiterek Tower is one example of the futuristic architecture in the newborn city.

Shymkent is a city in the Kazakh Desert, and is the third largest city in Kazakhstan. It was founded in the 12th century as a caravanserai to protect the Silk Road town of Sayram, 10 km to the east. Shymkent grew as a market center for trade between nomads and the settled people. Main attraction of this city are Ordabasy circle, site of Friday Mosque and MIG Memorial, Regional Studies and History Museum, Victory Park, Central Park, Museum of Repression, Afghan War Memorial, Arboretum, Nauryz/Navruz Holiday Celebrations over Spring Solstice, Al-Farabi Square, Mega Shopping Center.

The name "Karagandy" is derived from a "caragana" bushes (Caragana arborescens, Caragana frutex) which are abundant in the area. The original site of Karaganda is now labeled on city maps as the "Old Town," but almost nothing remains on that site It is now a big coal-mining city in Kazakhstan's Central Highlands, at the center of Karagandy Province. Karaganda Zoo, is the state zoo of the city Karaganda in Kazakhstan. The Karaganda Zoo covers 107.5 acres (43.5 ha), and is one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Atyrau is at the northern end of the Caspian sea in Kazakhstan. The wooden fort at the mouth of the Yaik River was founded in 1645 as Nizhny Yaitzky gorodok (literally, Lower Yaik Fort) by the Russian trader Gury Nazarov, a native of Yaroslavl, who specialized in trade with Khiva and Bukhara. It is now famous for its oil and fish industries. It has 154,100 inhabitants (2007, up from 142,500 (1999 census), 90% ethnic Kazakhs (up from 80%), the rest being mostly Russians and other ethnic groups such as Tatars and Ukrainians.

Pavlodar is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan and the capital of Pavlodar Province. One of the oldest cities in northern Kazakhstan, Pavlodar was founded in 1720 as Koryakovsky, an Imperial Russian outpost. As of 2010, the city has a population of 331,710. The population of Pavlodar is composed predominantly of ethnic Russians and Kazakhs with significant Ukrainian, German and Tatar minorities. Pavlodar is a fairly quiet and uneventful former Soviet city. The main attractions to see here are the Mosque, the Orthodox Church, and the WWII memorial park and statue.

Ust-Kamenogorsk is the capital of the East Kazakhstan Province. It is served by the Ust-Kamenogorsk Airport. Founded in 1720 at the confluence of the Irtysh and Ulba rivers as a fort and trading post named Ust-Kamennaya. Under the name of the Ust-Kamenogorsk Lock, the highest lock in the world lies at Ablaketka where it allows river traffic to pass around a hydroelectric dam on the Irtysh river. One of interesting sites here is Strelka the arrow of land where the Irtych and Ulba rivers meet. It is also the site of the Great Patriotic War Memorial.


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