9 Astonishing Places in Armenia

Here are the top places to visit and things to do in Armenia

Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia. At the start of the 20th century, Yerevan was a small town with a population of 30,000. In 1917, the Russian Empire ended with the October Revolution. In the aftermath, Armenian, Georgian and Muslim leaders of Transcaucasia united to form the Transcaucasian Federation and proclaimed Transcaucasia's secession. In 2001, Yerevan's share of national industrial production was approximately 50%. Yerevan's manufactures include chemicals, primary metals, machinery, rubber products, plastics, textiles, alcoholic beverages and processed food. Do not forget to see the Erebuni Fortress the excavations, recreations and museum of the nearly 3,000 year old fortress that established Yerevan. Fairly well (and maybe the best) preserved fortress of Urartian Period in Armenia.

Jermuk is a spa town in Southern Armenia, where much of the country's mineral water comes from. Jermuk occupies an area which is historically considered as part of the Vayots Dzor district of the Syunik province (within Armenia Mayor). It was first mentioned in the 13th century by historian Stepanos Orbelian in his work about the "History of the Sisakan district". The town is also being set up to become a sort of Chess centre, with numerous chess tournaments hosted or scheduled to be hosted. Finally, Jermuk is well-known among the Armenian people for its distinctively fresh air. Tourists are amazed with the Gndevank Monastery it is under the cliffs of Gndevaz village is the fortified monastery of Gndevank. You can hike or bike down the picturesque old canyon road to it as well as scale down the cliffs from the village.

Gyumri is the second largest city in Armenia and the capital of Shirak Province in Northern Armenia. It is one of the oldest localities in Armenia. The region of Gyumri is mentioned in different Urartian inscriptions since the 8th century BC. The first settlement at the location occupied by today's city of Gyumri is believed to have been founded sometime in the 5th century BC, perhaps ca. 401 BC, by Greek colonists. The Town Square is worth visiting. Huge square in the middle of town, with a church, a cathedral, a massive government building, fountains, restaurants, and all adjacent to the old town with great architecture and some small museums.

Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries
Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries is an Armenian monastery founded in the 10th century in the Lori Province of Armenia. The name Sanahin literally translates from Armenian as "this one is older than that one", presumably representing a claim to having an older monastery than the neighbouring Haghpat Monastery. The two villages and their monasteries are similar in many ways, and lie in plain view of each other on a dissected plateau formation, separated by a deep "crack" formed by a small river flowing into the Debed river. As with Haghpat, Sanahin is frequented by an increasing number of tourists, due to its recent inclusion on the itineraries of numerous Armenian tour agencies, the beauty of its monastery complex matching that of Haghpat's.

Karabakh is an unrecognized republic in the Caucasus, officially part of Azerbaijan, but under Armenian control. Under Russian rule, Karabakh (both Lowland and Highland) was a region with an area of 13,600 km2 (5,250 sq mi), with Shusha as its most prominent city. Its population consisted of Armenians and Muslims. Places worth visiting while in Karabakh are the Gandzasar Monastery, Dadivank Monastery, Gtichavank Monastery, Amaras Monastery, Shushi City Walls, Askeran Fortress.

Tsaghkadzor is a city in Central Armenia, known for being a ski resort, with forests and an ancient monastery. In the early medieval period the region belonged to the feudal clan of Varazhnuni, which governed the forest that was used as a hunting ground for the Armenian Arshakuni Kings from the 4th to the 5th centuries. In the 6th century, the territory passed into the possession of the House of Kamsarakan. Just like other cities in Armenia has a monastery. The Kecharis Monastery is a beautiful monastery that recently underwent restoration work. It is now a working church again, with the smells, sounds and music that goes with it.

Dilijan is a resort town with mild climate, fresh air in the northeast of Yerevan. The Armenian government has applied a new vital plan since 2009 to turn Dilijan into a developed financial centre for the region. According to the officials, a considerable amount of operations of the Central Bank of Armenia will move the northern town-resort of Dilijan starting from 2013.  And yes Dilijan has a monastery too. The Haghartsin Monastery is one of Armenia's most popular monasteries it is nestled in lush forested mountains about a half hour drive from Dilijan.

Goris is a city in Southern Armenia. Nestled in a bowl of green hills and mountains, with interesting formations and many previously inhabited caves in them, Goris has some of the nicest overall Armenian architecture in Armenia. Somehow the traditional methods have been preserved overall in this city, while everywhere else the Soviet blueprints seem to have overwhelmed historic designs. Goris is famous for the medieval cave-dwellings carved out of the soft rock in the southern part of town. There is an airport in the town of Goris and it will be operating in 2016. It is being renovated by the Armenian government. While in Goris be amazed with the Khndzoresk Cave Village a villages east of Goris and under it, in a gorge pocked with caves is Old Khndoresk.

Vayots Dzor       
Vayots Dzor is in Armenia. This area is full of tall mountain ranges, valleys, gorges and forests. During the Middle Ages, Vayots Dzor was a principality of the Kingdom of Syunik. The name literally means "Valley of Woes" because the area was devastated by several earthquakes during its history. If you are a monastery lover Armenia is the right place for you because here in Vayots Dzor too there is a monastery. The Noravank Monastery, surrounded by brick red cliffs and the famous church on top of a church design, Noravank is one of Armenia's most popular attractions.


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