13 Most Breathtaking Places in Bahrain

Here are the top places to visit and things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain National Museum 
Bahrain National Museum is the largest and one of the oldest museums in Bahrain. It is constructed near the King Faisal Highway in Manama and opened in December 1988. The museum complex covers 27,800 sq meters and consists of two buildings. The museum possesses a rich collection of Bahrain's ancient archaeologyical artefacts acquired since 1988, and covers 6000 years of Bahrain's history. Among the exhibits in the ancient history section is an actual burial mound which was transported from its site in the desert and reassembled in the museum. Another feature is a tableau which depicts a scene from the Epic of Gilgamesh (in which reference to Bahrain is made as the paradise of Dilmun).

Manama is the capital and largest city of Bahrain. Manama was mentioned in Islamic chronicles at least as far back as 1345. It was conquered by Portugal in 1521 and then by the Persians in 1602. Since 1783 it has been under the control of the Al-Khalifa dynasty. Manama was declared a free port in 1958, and in 1971 it became the capital of independent Bahrain. Manama is the focal point of the Bahraini economy. While oil has decreased in importance in recent years due to depleting reserves and growth in other industries, petroleum is still the mainstay of the economy. See the Al-Fateh Mosque. One of the largest mosques in the world, capable of accommodating over 7,000 worshippers at a time and is the largest place of worship in Bahrain. It is also one of the top tourist attractions in Bahrain. The dome is currently the world’s largest fibreglass dome and is over 60,000 kg in weight.

Qala’at al-Bahrain          
Qala’at al-Bahrain is an archaeological site located in Bahrain. The archaeological finds unearthed in the fort reveal much about the history of the country. The area is believed to have been occupied for some 5000 years and contains a valuable insight into the copper and Bronze Ages of Bahrain.  The first Bahrain Fort was built around three thousand years ago, on the northeastern tip of Bahrain Island. The present fort dates from the sixth century CE. The capital of the Dilmun civilization, Dilmun was known as the "land of immortality" and the ancestral place of Sumerians, a place where the Gods met. It was once the capital of the Dilmun civilization and was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. The site contains many areas and walls, including Saar necropolis, Al-Hajjar necropolis, Kassite Palace, Madimat Hermand necropolis, Madimat Isa necropolis, Al-Maqsha Necropolis, Palace of Uperi, Shakhura necropolis, and the Northern city wall.

Hamad Town    
Hamad Town is a city in northern Bahrain. It was a municipality of Bahrain in the central part of the country. In 1990 the government opened the door of Bahrain to the Kuwaiti people who were suffering from the effects of the gulf war with Iraq. It provided free houses and schools in Hamad Town allowed them to use the town’s facilities. The Kuwaitis returned home in early 1991 at the end of the war. In 2011, as part of the ongoing 2011 Bahraini uprising, the government demolished three mosques it said had housed weapons and illegal activities. The opposition denied these claims, and the act was severely criticized by Islamic scholars in the Middle East. Visit the Kanoo Mosque along Shakh Hamad road, between 2nd & 3rd roundabout

Beit Sheikh Isa bin Ali   

Isa Town             
Isa Town is a middle class suburb in Bahrain in the north central part of the country. Isa Town largely comprises affluent newly constructed villas, and is home to many members of Bahrain's educated middle classes. Isa Town is famous for the traditional marketplace. Isa Town also houses most of the private schools in Bahrain, with the Indian School, The New Indian School, Pakistan Urdu School, Sacred Heart School, Ibn Khuldoon National School, Pakistan School, the Bahrain Bayan School, the Naseem International School and the St. Christopher's School, all concentrated into a small zone which also includes the Isa Town campus of the University of Bahrain.

Bahrain International Circuit     

Bahrain International Circuit is a motorsport venue opened in 2004 and used for drag racing, GP2 and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix. The construction of the Bahrain circuit was a national objective for Bahrain, initiated by the Crown Prince, Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. The Crown Prince is the Honorary President of the Bahrain Motor Federation. TRL was asked to build the circuit, headed by Patrick Brogan. In 2011 the circuit was scheduled to be the first GP of the season. However, due to civil unrest in the country the race had to be cancelled in March 2011. On early June the FIA announced that the race would be scheduled for October 30th, the original slot for the inaugural Indian GP, which would be shifted to a season-closing date on December 11.
Jidd Hafs             
Jidd Hafs is a city in Bahrain. The Bahraini historian and researcher Mohammed bin Ali Al Tajer says in his book Aqd Al Lalali Fi Tarikh Awal that the word "Jid" means coast, so the word Jid Hafs means the Coast of Hafs. It was a municipality of Bahrain in the northern part of the country. Its territory is now in the Capital and Northern Governorate. List of mosques in Jid Hafs Mosque of Jid Hafs, Al Musharraf Mosque, Al Thahabiya Mosque, New Sheikh Abdullah Mosque, Sheikh Abdullah Mosque, Al Baqaliya Mosque, Bint Sheikh Yahya Mosque, Al Falsa Mosque among others.

Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve           
Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve is in Hamad Town Bahrain, The Wildlife Park is a Reserve with about half of its land open to the paying public opened in 1975 with an aim to preserving local and native animals in their indigenous habitats.  The whole area is very clean and well maintained. They have numerous numbers of gazelles, flamingos, ostrich, ducks, goats, birds,giraffe etc.

Muharraq is a metropolitan area in Bahrain, an island connected to the northeast of the capital of Manama. By the fifth century AD, Muharraq had become a major centre of Nestorian Christianity, which had come to dominate the southern shores of the Persian Gulf. As a sect, the Nestorians were often persecuted as heretics by the Byzantine Empire, but Bahrain was outside the Empire's control offering safety. The Muharraq Town was established by the Sunni Arab tribes in the early nineteenth century. Muharraq is home to Muharraq Club, which is Bahrain's most successful football club. The city is also known for its traditional market, or souq, and as a home of traditional arts and music. Ali Bahar, a popular and successful Bahraini singer is from Muharraq.

Riffa is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Riffa is divided into two cities, East Riffa and West Riffa. The city is mainly located in the Central Governorate, while smaller parts are in the Southern Governorate. Most of the city's inhabitants are Sunni Muslims.

Sitrah is an island in the Central Governorate of Bahrain, just east of Bahrain Island in Persian Gulf. Most of the inhabitants of the island live in seven historic villages: Wadyan, Al Kharijiya, Marquban, Al Garrya, Mahazza, Sufala, and Abul Aish. The population is almost entirely Bahrani Shia Muslims.

Jufair is a suburban neighborhood of Manama, Bahrain.  It was originally a separate village inhabited by Bahrani Shia Muslims but it has been absorbed by the suburban expansion of Manama, and also includes large parts of land reclaimed from the sea. It is now home to many hotels, restaurants, flats, and villas. In fact, Juffair is built on a massive land reclamation scheme which has extended Bahrain's coastline by two kilometers to the east. The area is the site of frenetic building activity, with new apartment buildings and hotels constructed each year. Most of those who live in the area are established foreigners or upwardly mobile young Bahrainis. It is also the site of Bahrain's largest mosque, the huge domed Al Fateh Mosque, which houses the new National Library.


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