Singapore is probably the most urbanized country in South East Asia and same with the other ASEAN cities Singapore is able to preserve its natural resources. The greenness and the cleanliness of the city is very evident in spite of its being highly urbanized.

But before Singapore become what it is now, it was first an outpost for the Sumatran Srivijaya empire, a state of the Sultanate of Johor and an Island sank into obscurity for two centuries after being raided and burnt by the Portuguese.

None the less today Singapore is a world leader in many areas as it is now one of the world's biggest financial center, it has one of the world's biggest gambling casino and has one of the worlds largest oil refinery. And did somebody already mentioned that Singapore is noted by the World Bank as the easiest place on earth to do business.

In case you'd be travelling to Singapore soon, here are the list of places to visit and things to do.


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To quote the Tsalagi, you should never allow your yesterday to use up too much of today. The past is gone and tomorrow is at best a maybe. Live for this moment because it may be all you'll ever have.

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